CDB Common Database Reference

CDB Formerly Common Database Standard

CDB (Formerly refered to as Common Database)

CDB or as it has been commonly referred to as “Common Database” is an open specification for a Modeling and Simulation database which can either be utilized as a direct run-time format or a simulation database interchange format. The specification enables worldwide coverage for multiple simulation systems (I.E. Visual, Radar, IR, Computer Generated Forces (CGF), and other sensors) within a single file based structure. The specification was originally funded by the United States Special Operations Command (US SOCOM) and developed by CAE Inc. The CDB specification has recently been adopted by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) as a Best Practice and work is continuing within the OGC to create a fully developed CDB Standard. The CDB 3.0 specification is currently in use within USSOCOM while the CDB 3.2 specification is the version adopted as the OGC Best Practice. The currently defined the CDB 3.0 specification supports mission preview/rehearsal requirements while the CDB 3.2 specification extends the capability of CDB to support simulation training aspects not in the 3.0 version. CDB is designed as a global 3D representation of the planet. It allows for highly detailed 3D insets into a global CDB framework.

Both volumes 1 and 2 are posted on the OGC Best Practices Page about midway down the page. Link to OGC Best Practices

The OGC CDB 1.0 Proposed Standard has been released for public comment and is now avaiable at . Link to OGC CDB 1.0 Request for Comment This request for comment closes on 27 May 2016.

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